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Meet Your Tech – Update

First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for trusting me with your skin! I promise to take good care of it. Whether you are here to brighten, tighten or reduce.. I’ve got you covered. I don’t like to say “anti-aging” anymore because well.. We’re all aging and we can’t stop it. But we can age gracefully and beautifully with a bright, plump and healthy complexion.

WHY DO I DO WHAT I DO? Mainly – I’m passionate about helping people be happy. Since I was a kid growing up in the age of “I hate my face, please give me someone else’s” and watching that, time after time, go horribly wrong. I always thought it would be cool to do something different other than simply make people love themselves as they are.

As a Fibroblast Plasma technician, my main objective is to turn frowns into smiles. Making people like you happy in a non-invasive, less abrasive way – makes me happy! I’m a Cancer so I’m naturally a nurturer as well as intuitive and empathetic, so I truly care and honestly love what I do.

There is no better reward than getting a phone call just weeks after a treatment and hearing how excited a client is by their results, and hearing that they love what they see in the mirror. That is why I do what I do! It’s not just a business, it’s not just an income, it’s non-invasive happiness, and I take spreading it very seriously. I’d love for that next excited phone call to be YOU!

WHY CHOOSE ME? Why choose me over one of the 1000 others that are decent on social media you ask? Great question!

– I DO HOUSE CALLS. Which means you can get your treatment and heal in privacy in the comfort of your own home
– I am a certified and trained professional with a narrowed scope
– I don’t nickel and dime my clients. You get aftercare included with the service as you should for what you’re spending, including: LED treatment, hyaluronic mask, healing cream, etc etc
– I have the mind of a curious engineer knowledge junky who loves solving problems.. I have done tons of research on skin, muscles, cells, reactions, growth, stimuli, collagen, elastin, fibers, healing and all the little pieces of the puzzle that will ultimately help you achieve the results you desire.
– I am honest, if I feel you can achieve your goals without my services or better results with a different service, I’ll let you know.
– CONFIDENTIALITY is as important to me as it is to you! Also, NDA’s are not a problem & YES I Really Do Come To You! Full Mobile Set Up, taking only moments to set up in the desired location in your home, similar to a massage therapist! Then I pack up while you’re getting your LED treatment after we’re done. Then I get you set up with after care and leave you to relax.

I look forward to discussing your skin goals and can’t wait to hear from you.
See You Soon!

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