A photo of an array of skin tones from lightest to darkest.

Fitzpatrick Scale

What is a Fitzpatrick Scale?

Common Questions:

  • What skin types can get Fibroblast Plasma Treatments?
  • How can I tell if I’m a good candidate?
  • Why won’t most estheticians do plasma, laser or C02 on darker complexions?
An array of skin tones from lightest to darkest.

FITZPATRICK. . . If you’ve ever tried to match foundation or concealer to your skin, you know just how tricky skin typing can be. Enter Fitzpatrick skin typing, a scientific skin type classification.

Though this form of skin typing won’t help you find your perfect shade, it can tell you just how much shade you should get on sunny days.

Developed in 1975, the system classifies skin type according to the amount of pigment in your skin and your skin’s reaction to sun exposure. This information can help predict your overall risk to certain cosmetic procedures such as our Plasma Fibroblast Treatment, as well as your risk of damage caused by sun exposure.

COMMON QUESTIONS ANSWERED… Skin can be fickle and there is always a risk of damage or scarring from any variance of sun or heat exposure – regardless of where you fall on the Fitzpatrick scale, but more so the more melanated your tone. Which is why most US skin techs prefer to steer clear versus test for heat or laser services with skin types over IV.

However, I’ve found in my research there are a lot of darker complected fibroblast plasma and laser clients globally so while a lot of businesses won’t even test, I feel like a lot of people aren’t benefitting from rejuvenation services who could be. I would love to help people of any skin type, once proven to be a good candidate to strengthen the love of what they see in the mirror.. no matter where on their body they are looking.

Therefor, I will do preventative and correction Fibroblast Plasma treatments on darker complexions, however, a spot test consult would be required for all skin types over IV.

I am here to rejuvenate and revitalize, not damage and traumatize.

If you are interested in Fibroblast plasma, please call for consult. I’ll be happy to meet and do a small reaction test.

However, we will not test if we feel there is a risk of damage, such as, if you are prone to keloid scarring or already have vitiligo somewhere on your body (a scar, however small that has turned white). Thank you for understanding. 

Obvious risk: Keloid scars, pigmented scars (vitiligo or in reverse hyperpigmentation), etc.

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