Dot Parties

Dot Parties

“There’s a party over here, a party over there, a party everywhere… get your hands up!” -E40

All Dot Parties: The Basics

  • All Dot Parties are a weekend (2-3 day) event. However, we will stay an extra day if enough people confirm and/or add on while on location
  • Party days are preferably Fri afternoon to Sun evening so that guests can stick to a schedule without having to juggle other priorities. However, if during the week works for you – it works for us too!
  • Minimum 8 confirmed w/deposit (including host) for schedule and travel
  • 50% deposit for all confirmed services
  • All party attendees receive 20% discount on services
  • Cheese/Meat/Veggie/fruit board included
  • Juice and fruit spritzer aka non-alcoholic mimosa bar
  • Aftercare bags for guests: spray, crème, and some surprises!
Beautiful skin is just a few dots away.

How it Goes: The Choreography of it All

  • Fibroblast tech + Assistant
  • It takes 30 minutes to numb first section or treatment area
  • Example:
    • Face, Neck, Chest Rejuvenation (most bang for your buck and most popular treatment)
    • Face has two sections upper and lower
    • Neck has two sections upper: jawline, under chin and lower neck
    • Chest
    • It’s all 30min intervals for safety and to stay on task
  • Average time: 1.5 to 4 hours, depending on treatment area this includes prep, procedure and aftercare
  • 10min Red Light after care
  • 30min Hyaluronic Mask aftercare
  • Once things get going, there’s usually someone at each one of those points
  • We’ll play funny movies we all love and know so we don’t mind missing some or coming/going during
  • And FUN! We laugh, we joke, there are give-a-ways, and we all get DOTS!!

Cause in the end…

It's all about the dots!

Now that the basics are explained

The Party Types: Squad vs Hibachi

The Squad Party

  • Location and party details to be discussed during consultation
  • Host receives average amount spent by guests discounted towards services for hosting!
  • Guests are usually friends and friends of friends of host, however, to quote MC Lyte, “I rock the party like nobody”, feel free to rock your party how you rock it! If you want to post on your social that is completely up to you! The more the merrier and the better the spending average, the better your “Host Incentive”

Hibachi Experience

  • The “Hibachi Experience” is exactly that, a Meetup style social event
  • If you’d like to get Fibroblast Plasma in the US but don’t have a large group to start a ‘squad party” with – we won’t let that stop us! No… we will simply create a squad (by clicking link below). Picture this to be kind of like sharing an Uber only we get dots together, eat, drink spritzers, watch movies and laugh instead! (much cooler if you ask me).
  • When 8 people confirm + deposit, the Dot Party gets scheduled, no limits to participation! I will also help promote your party on my social pages, the faster we can fill it up – the better!
  • Deposit is 50% of desired services
  • Hotel/Air BNB based – location TBD (always open to supporting local)
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Thank you for choosing Dot Obsession for your skin rejuvenation
All prices over $500 are 2/3 off!
Price Slash until end of Summer